Fly Fishing The Yellow Breeches
Stream Conditions

Fly fishing the Yellow Breeches stream conditions is brought to you in the form of a podcast. The podcast will cover fishing pressure, stream environment, fly hatches, hot fly patterns, stream levels, weather patterns and fishing methods.

The Yellow Breeches unlike the true spring creeks, Letort Spring Run, Falling Spring Run, Big Spring Creek, and Green Spring can change water levels rapidly due to storms because the section near Boiling Spring is spring influence rather than a true spring creek. Also, realize that fishing pressure on the Yellow Breeches is heavy most of the time and that this can cause the fish to move or to be put down at anytime.

The podcasts of fly fishing the Yellow Breeches is updated weekly so you'll have a decent idea on what's happening. Just click to listen.

Yellow Breeches Stream Conditions






Updated Til

Late August

Yellow Breeches Fly Fishing Stream Report:

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